Closing Out Summer

Well that was fast!  Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  Four months since my last blog post.  Schedules full, our busy kids are growing and we are in a nutshell busier than we have ever been.  ( three kids do that to you)  I now know why our moms said wait until you are just a taxi.  Well, I am officially a taxi spending more time in my car than my house. I have been trying to learn how to stress less, and sleep more.  Not an easy task lately.  Our family had a great summer with lots of grandparent time, camps, camping trips, birthday celebrations and even had a few do nothing pajama days(my personal favorite). We made the most out of everyday.  Now back to school with a first and fourth grader.  (yes I somehow am that old already). We won't go into that though.  Joe and I also had a chance to scoot away for an anniversary trip .....celebrating 11 years of being married, and yes surprisingly we have survived the marital spats of owning and running a business together. Props to us, looking forward to many more (today anyway).
On the farm front, projects are still an everyday occurrence in our life.  Lambs are arriving the plant is keeping busy and our yummy sheep butter won second place at this years American Cheese Society awards and third place at the World Dairy Expo product contest.   Always such a humbling experience to be side by side some of the best in the industry, we feel so lucky to have such amazing milk ladies that give us such great milk that go into our products.  On a side note...Joe and I had a chance to sneak away to Loma Linda to purchase a vintage ice cream truck.  So our date weekend complete with gas station snacks (we only had so long to get to southern california + back)  We came home with a pretty adorable step van.  Hours + Hours + Hours of time and energy Joe fully restored this beauty to exactly what I had explained to him.   This guy can do anything, adding truck restoration and painting to his list!  Well all those hours paid off the truck is beautiful and now ready to book at your next private event.  After being in business we have sure learned how to work together, our marital spats in the lowes isles were limited to only three not bad in my book.  So a end to a very busy summer, more projects and endless new changes in our life. Keep up with us on Facebook + Instagram for current pictures,  my schedule is better with that then blogging! Stay Tuned.  

Growing On Up

Well look at that an on time blog post.  I seem to be learning to be a little more efficient with my time management {most days} with three little kids and a business I can't guarantee it is a normal occurrence. Spring is officially here and on the family front we are managing all of our growing little ladies.  Joe is adjusting to all girls, bows and dresses!  Although I do find him repeating...or mumbling "this is my life so many girls".  Followed by a little giggle I think he is quite smitten with all those adorable smiles and bows. Each day even after 10 years of marriage with our normal day to day marital spats about farm design, kids, and normal things he still melts my heart.  We managed to sneak away for a vacation with my family to Hawaii.  Great time with everyone and truly enjoyed. It didn't last long and we were back to our reality of hectic schedules, homework, chickens, ponies and normal day to day chores. 
On the farm front we are now back to our favorite little house, with a new farm office.  I sure do hold a special place in my heart for this little place.  How did we fit in it for so long?  I have no idea, but now we are more grown up, with an official and did I mention adorable farm office!  Projects continue on the farm and creamery.  We will soon have our line of farm apparel available on our website.  Thanks to my friend Tina Suhrke who is amazing and helped with our design vision.  We officially launched our sheep milk feta. Yup...SHEEP MILK FETA.  Not a big description needed it is just that delicious!  We also have newly launched our glass bottled classic whole cows milk.  Can I just say after a year of nagging my husband and him saying we will get to it....and more nagging it finally happened.  You see, in our family we are a split herd {farmer language} 50/50 ... half sheep/ half cows.  A few of us drink sheep milk and a few of us drink cows milk. So that just didn't seem fair, so after a year of endless nagging we are finally launched.  So excited!   We are using a local single sourced milk from Diamond W dairy. A beautiful farm located minutes from our home farm + creamery.  Can I just mention how beautiful this farm is.  All of you blog followers know our HUGE marital spats regarding our farm style. Paved driveways, planters, manicured lawns on my must list. Well this farm sparkled as we drove up the paved drive past the beautiful pampered Holsteins, to beautiful barns and planted planters.  Instant love!  Huge thank you to all our friends and family for the support and help of this huge process that we undertook. Check our website for product updates and locations.  We also welcomed back our favorite friend and first creamery employee!  Joe...well he was extra happy to have his friend back to work with everyday, we are so lucky to have great employees+ friends. As a small producers, we couldn't do what we do without them. So a little update for now as we expand and grow. Back to weed whacking I go!  {Seriously}  A girl has to get things done and not a week from now.  I will not be posting a photo of my outfit today!

Three Months + Changes

Yet again....a lag in blogging.  At this point I guess I am good for an update every three months.  Another year has come to a close.  Hard to believe 2015 went by so quick and we are already a few months into a new year.  On the home front.  We seem to be fully adjusted to three little girls!  New schedules busier every day, more homework, new activities, and our ever adorable growing baby who this week will be five months.   We are enjoying every moment of our growing girls and growing business.  Joe and I have learned that date days now include a drive to Stockton (not our first choice) but our away time is cherished.  I have learned we compromise well I ride along for his business trips and he has to make a few pit stops on our dive home (shopping included).  After 10 years of marriage and three kids you learn to take any quiet time that you get! It works.
The farm...where to start with an update after three months.   I have always been and honest blogger, and after a few hectic months of daily stresses, business changes, tears, overload of lambs, extra loads of laundry from mud on the farm, days where we wonder is this all worth it?  Can we do this with three kids on our own?  After ever changing day to day challenges on a farm.  We are so lucky to live the life we have happy, healthy and so grateful, but it is challenging.  It is hard. I had my first time in five years where I told Joe it would be so much easier to work for someone else. Go to work and come home.  A bit disappointed in myself, I woke up motivated...very motivated. We have learned to embrace the changes and embrace hectic and crazy.  We have had a crazy few months....with crazy I mean we had 700+ ewes lamb out in a month and a half.  CRAZY!  This is our first year we really tried to time our sheep lambing by groups to try to make the lambing process more efficient. Well efficient it was but short handed we were.  Thank goodness for great family and friends again who always seem to chip in at the drop of a hat when needed! You do know we have to catch all those sheep and lambs from our ever beautiful hills (not an easy task at all) and tag every single one. Green grass....rain has arrived and we are over the moon to have some green grass around the farm and some extra happy sheep!  The creamery is extra busy.  Our product line is soon expanding, and we welcomed our new creamery employee.  Welcome Kelly Moore!   She will be joining us in the creamery + with product sales.  We are so excited to welcome her to the team and excited for what is ahead in 2016. So a gazillion new lambs, our growing family, our growing staff and farm. So stay tuned for whats to three months!

Falling For Fall

Hello November.  Hello Fall!  Our favorite time of year.  Lack of blogging again, seems to be a hard task to find a few quiet minutes lately.  So a quick catch up is overdue.  Our family has grown.  Our adorable heart melting Leary Gray was born on August 2nd.  We were thrilled to welcome her into the world, and I was thrilled to no longer be pregnant.  Joe and I also celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary, where you ask?  In the hospital. Our 10 year anniversary happened to be the day after Leary was born, so we celebrated with hospital room service and an our growing family.  The girls are over the moon excited and think that having a new baby sister is like a real life baby doll.  Joe is beaming ear to ear and still trying to grasp the fact that is life is filled with bows and ponytails!  Avery and Hadley are ever growing and to sum it up days are filled with school, HOMEWORK, pony lessons, 4-h and lots more.  Oh 4-h. Yes my kids have joined, and yes I have accepted it, and yes they love it and yes I have finally learned it is a great thing.  I have been busy very busy.  Learning to adjust to new schedules, less sleep and all things three girls. 
On the farm front we are lambing.  We are always lambing but we don't really consider our off season. Our busy season is in full swing and there are lambs everywhere.  Farm projects continue, new fencing that was desperately needed is in place (thank you to those who have stopped to let us know our sheep are on the road, you will no longer have a morning or evening commuting delay).  We are still waiting patiently for our rain.....WAITING.  Nothing like seeing your animals graze the dirt.  Green grass can 't come soon enough.  The creamery is growing and so is our product line.  Jen has been working hard every week in the creamery and on making our lives and processes more efficient.  We are ever so grateful for her and her hard work, and her dealing with our occasional family farm marital spats.  They still happen, and yes, Joe seasonal farm decor is necessary. Joe and I also have attended our first few farmers markets.  We are attending the CUESA pop up markets at the yard in San Francisco mission bay neighborhood.  A fun day getting to see some of our great customers.  We are excited for fall on the farm, green grass to grow and lots more to come. Stay Tuned.

Three Months Here and Gone!

Well a quiet afternoon and a few minutes to catch all our fans and followers up on our home and farm life. Huge delay in blogging due to the fact that life has gotten a bit crazy.  A quick update on the family. Summer has come and gone also.  Growing kids, swim lessons, summer fun, summer trips and me will a summer with a growing belly.  Down to the final few weeks and I can't wait to not have a pregnancy waddle.  I have to admit I have slowed down and catching lambs or loose sheep on the farm has become quite a funny task to watch.  Joe even threatened to post a video of me out doing things 9 month pregnant ladies should not do! So I decided it wasn't worth the risk of a video of me being posted on social media.  Girls head back to school next week and we will officially have a kindergartner and an 8 year old third grader, and in a few weeks a new little lady to be added to our family.
On the farm it has been a whirlwind a good whirlwind but a summer so busy we haven't seemed to catch our breath yet. Jen Stoker our new plant manager has arrived and been a lifesaver and now settling into her new lifestyle change.  She has spent the past 8 years working for the largest cheese company in the central valley. We are so thankful for her expertise, knowledge and passion.  We are thrilled we fit into her lifestyle change and excited for all the opportunities we have ahead and glad she has decided on Sonoma County.  Did I mention lifesaver.....we seemed to have been a bit overwhelmed. We had exhausted all our family and friends help with our growth and her arrival couldn't have been better timing!  Joe busier that ever and now getting good at making lists.  We are growing rapidly, lambing often, and working harder than ever.  He had a great trip back east this summer visiting the largest sheep dairy on the east coast.  A trip filled with green grass, sheep, and lots of new knowledge keeps us excited about the growing sheep industry on both coasts. The creamery in full swing still producing our handmade sheep products.  BIG NEWS..... we won a 2015  american cheese society award for our crafted sheep butter.  We were unable to attend and to be honest we love our product and know others do, but being so new and only on the shelf 10 months we thought it was a long shot.  {So there we sat on the side of the road fingers crossed we would maybe place.  Trying to get reception for the live stream awards thinking not a chance...there are some major players entered.  No reception as our category arrives. So on with our day, with the unknown}  Well low and behold we won first place!  We still are so humbled and appreciative of our award and makes all we do and all the hard work, long days and occasional farmer tears worth it.  More big news.....we are a 2015 food finalist for Martha Stewart American Made audience choice awards.  Public voting opens in September so don't forget to check out our profile and vote vote vote.   We are so excited to be a finalist.  So our past three months in a major nutshell. Hard Work a few dreams and visions and here we are.  We couldn't be more excited about what is to come and can't wait to share!  Stay tuned.

Catching Up!

Lots of updates the past few months.  A little lack of blogging due to our crazy schedules, so here is goes in a nutshell.  Family life:  23 weeks pregnant and learning that running around a million directions with two adorable kids and running a business is a bit challenging. Admission.  I sometimes daydream when driving home in the afternoons of a little catnap on the side of the road in the afternoon sun!  Weird a little but hey I forgot how tired you get while being pregnant.  We did have a chance for a little weekend getaway to the lake with friends.  Learning that any vacation as a farmer is a complete luxury. Girls are almost done with school and SOO looking forward to summer and time with all the family.  We also received some other bad news this past month.  My mom has had her ovarian cancer return for a third time.  Lucky for us we have one amazing brave mom and one heck of a supportive family.  She is an amazing lady who once again will battle this round three with all of us by her side. 
At the farm.  Well lets just say our heads are spinning.  We attended the artisan cheese festival for the first year and was a complete success.  Amazing feedback, and sold out product made for a great event with other great local vendors. Joe and I also attended the summer social for Whole Foods Market Dublin who will be opening their brand new location May 20th.  We learned scooping around 2000 samples of ice cream is a lot harder than it looks.  We survived....with a few blisters on our hands and not a drop left.  Looking forward to doing our first scoop event this next weekend at the Valley Ford Wool Festival.  Lambs are still arriving and the creamery and farm are still busier than ever. Don't forget to check out our updated retails for all of our products on our website, and check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook . We are super excited to share some new creamery news next month.  So a whirlwind catch up and lots more to come.  Stay Tuned.
A few of our latest reads {click link below to read}

We are back!

I am back. Yes a total lack of blogging, thanks to everyone for the reminder to update the blog!  Lots of new things have changed in the new year.  On the family front, we have officially moved houses.  I have to admit I have always loved to move and renovate houses but I think this last move did me in.  We have accumulated a lot more STUFF (yes things we do not need) and that made the move quite a challenge.  I can't believe how much stuff I fit in our little cottage house.  So we managed to pack up our old house and completely renovate the new house.  Speaking of renovation....thank you to Joe, Jolene, and my mom for chipping in since I myself was not much help.  Joe has found his inner designer (partly my fault) for making him watch fixer upper on HGTV.   My lack of help this time around. Why....well we are expanding our family as well. Expecting baby number three this September! We figured when life is hectic and crazy why not add a little more to our plate.  On that note we so excited we can't wait. I have to admit after a little break in children  (newborn phase) seems so long ago. I seemed to forget how taunting the first trimester was.  Note:  full reminded now!  So our family is growing, we survived another house renovation.  We now have more space, more bedrooms and couldn't be happier as a family. Truly lucky in our books! 
At the farm.  Things have picked up, when I say picked up I mean our days have gotten much longer, projects have been added and the creamery seems to be in operation every day.  We hoped for this day and it has arrived!  Our sheep butter, milk and ice cream have hit store shelves.  I have to say a few times we all thought how can we do this!  Let's be honest we are a family farm.  Meaning we do it all from the milking to the production.  No co packers, no frozen milk that isn't ours.  Our sheep, our milk, our hand packed products. We always said one of our main business goals was to be a farmstead operation no matter what came our way, and after surviving a few recent huge orders we now know we are capable.  The whole family chips in and it truly is a family included, and it makes our little family business that much more special. Sheep?  Yes lambs still arriving our new lamb nursery is FULL our automated feeder is now at max capacity.  Complete cuteness overload! Spring has arrived and the trees are in full bloom. With ice cream season arriving we can't wait to share our upcoming events we have scheduled.  Check our website for updated retailers that carry our product.  You can now find our milk along with our ice cream at all nor cal whole foods locations, along with other select specialty retailers.  We are back and happy to be back. Stay tuned lots more to come!

Hello {2015}

Well I made it.  Through 2014 that is.  It is amazing how fast a whole year goes by, how each day just slips away and all of the sudden we are parents of a now 5 and 7 year olds.  How did that happen?  I have all these mom moments and can't help but think how I am being so selfish and not wanting my kids to grow up. A little recap.  Avery now in second grade, Hadley heading into T-K in less than a week.  Yes that means I will have both girls in real school...(big girl school).  Reality.....has not set in yet. We had a great Thanksgiving with family in Bodega Bay, we all even managed to enjoy the day and squeeze in a nap a rarity in this family!  Joe and I joke some afternoons when we check sheep in the sunshine how nice it would be to have an afternoon nap in the sun...I wonder if anyone would notice farmers napping in the grass with there sheep?  Oh and grass, we now have green hills.  The rains arrived, really arrived in full force flooding all areas leaving us running on a generator for a few days, but so thankful that brought green hills.  Christmas was great filled with family, friend dinners, and the big guy in the red suit.  He was kind of a big deal this year!  So fun to have such little imaginations and believers running around the house.  Made Christmas morning one for the books.  Holidays also brought a little break for Joe and I, we were able to get to SF for a few days with my family and enjoy some R&R that was very needed.  House projects are now cleaning organizing and packing.  Yes Joe the girls and I are moving houses. (Just our housing) the farm, sheep and creamery are staying as is, but so sad to say we have outgrown our little farmhouse that I love so much.  So many memories and renovations, but we officially just have to have more space.  Luckily for us we are only moving five minutes away.  We have had a great year so thankful for all the great people in our lives we can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for our family.
On the farm.  Projects continue.  The rains brought flooding, flooding brought projects.  New portable feeders are in the works for our sheep that will be able to be used with rotational grazing.  Lambs are still arriving , lots of them.  The new lamb nursery is working great.  Our new automatic lamb feeder arrived. Yes farmer Christmas gift!  We have bottle fed all of our lambs to date. This automatic feeder brings efficiency and warm milk 24 hours a day it was a pretty exciting addition to the farm.  The creamery has been in full swing with sheep milk, sheep milk ice cream, and NOW SHEEP BUTTER.   Check out our website for further details and retail locations. We will also be part of some great events coming up. (details to follow)
So hello 2015 looking forward to what lies ahead. Stay tuned.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday...seems fitting since we just reached our 4th year of business mark.  Hard to believe that 4 years ago we started Haverton Hill Farm (the dairy) our starter flock of sheep arrived to my in laws front yard.  We then found a ranch to lease and the MAJOR (total understatement) renovations began.  We transformed a non operating run down cow dairy.  Transformed the barns, fields, milking parlor, lamb nursery to a Grade A sheep dairy.  We also transformed our little cottage house...that for those of you catching up...had smurf blue trim, lots of mold, a toilet that had been used on the patio, and every inch of our house barn storage filled with garbage.  Yes I still have a hard time believing what this place looked like, how far it has come, and that hardest part that We did it...we survived the start up of a new business, a whole farm and house renovation, all while raising two adorable little girls.  Now this past year we added another major project of finally starting our farmstead creamery.  We have been up and running for four months now and have officially launched two products (on store shelves now), another product launching soon.   So a little throwback on how we started a few before and after photos to where we are at today, and lots more to come! 

Fall On The Farm

Well, we are almost through October already, it is officially feeling like fall on the farm.  Even the barn entrance is feeling the holiday spirit with our Halloween decor.  Ok...I admit it was a bit of a marital disagreement if the ghosts, mums and pumpkins were necessary for our barn entrance. My answer "of course" and yes I won that battle.  So this month is still, you guessed it hectic!  Joe has taken his "man trip" of the year out of state to Idaho hunting with a few friends so that leaves me home, and you guessed it a LOT on my plate.  Just 1000 sheep, 9 dogs, 2 horses, 1 pony, 3 pigs, 3 chickens and 2 ducks.  No biggie right?  I am thankful for what he does when he is here, I am thankful for the great support system when he is gone, and thankful for such a great farm team that make sure everyday runs smoothly.  So with Joe gone, the girls and I are in overdrive with farm chores, house chores, school, swim, field trips you name it.  We have made time to squeeze in some farm tours, farm dinners, mommy daughter photos and make sure we have fun every night at home being that it's girls night!! {Insert Big Breath...I am ready for a nap}
On the farm front, we are now lambing.  I have to say with the slow time I seemed to forget how many lambs we usually have.  We joke it is raining lambs..literally the past few nights we have had 30 lambs a night.  That for us means more milk and our slow time is officially almost over!  We have had a few light rains...not enough to do anything to our dirt and full of dust fields.  The creamery is in full work mode (thanks to Jake and Tony who have been in charge of bottling while Joe is gone)  Ice cream is now on store shelves.  Check out our retailer page for locations.  We are super excited all the great feedback we have had on our products. I had my surreal moment in the local market after they stocked the shelves with our ice cream.  Knowing how hard it was to produce and hand pack all those pints.  So worth it, and so excited to have our ice cream hit shelves and represent what fresh sheep milk ice cream should taste like. We also had a Michelin Star chef Stefano Masenti and his wife from Italy stop by the farm for a tour and tasting. No big deal right!  Huge thanks to all the great parents and kids who came to the creamery and farm for a tour for such a fun day!  LOTS of new things in the works, we can't wait to share. To check out our latest press click HERE. In the mean time, more work, longer days.  Feeling like Fall on The Farm! Stay Tuned.

{Sheep Milk} Ice Cream

So what do you do when you are utterly exhausted...seriously Joe and I are really acquiring some under eye bags this past month.  Most people would rest.  Us, not so much we push through work harder, moisturize those under eye bags and meet our deadlines.  Well we did it.  We finally officially launched our sheep milk ice cream.  There are only a few people in the US that make sheep milk ice cream.  Well....we have to say ours is pretty amazing.  Sweet creamy goodness all packed in a pint.  We took this project to heart and knew we had to have a great product that would represent sheep milk at its best.  Our results a creamy, low fat ice cream packing all the benefits of sheep milk.   If you like our milk you will LOVE our ice cream!  So three days of churning and 700+ hand packed pints, lots of creamery help, they are officially ready for stores.  Another huge Thank You to everyone who helped make this happen...Especially Chef Jenna and of course all those milk ladies for producing some pretty amazing milk.
Other farm news......projects, lambs, painting still underway.  I bet you didn't know that on a farm painting is a year long project!  We have been in cleanup mode gearing up for more farm visitors.  Oh...whole foods visits the farm.  Yup we were pretty darn excited to have our regional buyer and our local forager visit the farm this week, along with our distributors {the behind the scenes company that gets our product to you as fresh as it is on the farm} We also had a great farm day at Whole Foods San Ramon.  Henry and Hilda and little bo peep {Heidi} made for a great day of fun, family and sheep milk! So in a nutshell lots happening, lots of hard work and lots more to come.  
For More Farm and Family photos check our our Instagram  for our latest press click here  and a little read and review on our milk check our fact & label.

Farm Days of September

With our summer officially over now halfway through September.  Our days are still long and we still are working harder than ever.  On the family front we are now in full swing with new schedules including second grade, swim team, preschool and much more!  Lucky for us we have lots of grandmas and papas to chip in and help (Who doesn't love grandma days)  Actually wishing I still had a few of those here and there! We are so lucky to have such a great family and friends that chip in at a drop of a hat, or best friends who answer hundreds of packaging design texts for opinions no matter what hour of the night. Although we cherish every moment we have seems like Joe and I have been completely occupied with the farm, although we did get a chance to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.  For those of you who don't know we now live and work together.  It is a good thing we are a good team, seeing that most everyday all day is spent together. Oh yes, there are still marital spats in lowes aisles and yes I do try to quit certain days on him...all part of the married working farm life! 
On the farm.  Still milking, still bottling and yes baby lambs still arriving.  Our projects on the farm continue with new fencing, cleanup and working sheep days.  Every day we are not processing we are tending to the many many ewes and lambs we have on the farm.  Rotational grazing, worming, hoof trimmings, you name it we are doing it. I have to say Joe and I are pretty amazed how fulfilling it is to have an operation like we have. ( did I mention exhausting too)  To start the morning with our sheep to the finished product in the creamery.  It is so neat to be able to know exactly what we are producing and how it is produced down to what each of our ewes eats, when she was sheared, when she had her feet trimmed, when she lambed all the details that make our operation run.  Don't forget to check our retail location page on our website for new locations added.  Also make sure to stop by for a sample of our milk this next month dates and locations on our facebook page (Huge thank you to Jolene for all the store demos and sampling on top of grandma duty). Exciting news for last. YES more news....that means more work.  We are super excited that our Sheep Milk Ice Cream will officially be launching in October!  With our Signature line of {Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate Cacao Nib, Mint Chip, Hazelnut Crunch}  and a very special limited edition rotating flavor starting with our harvest flavor {Pumpkin Pecan}.  If you have never tried sheep milk or sheep milk ice cream you are missing out!  Huge thank you to Jenna Giannini for all the culinary help and making sure we are launching some amazing ice cream. (and for the hours you spent with Joe and I making sure or craft is perfected). So looking forward to what is ahead, all the work, ice cream testing, and many many more projects to come!  Stay Tuned.

Press |  San Francisco Chronicle

So Long Summer

As summer comes to and end with a new school year just upon us, we realize where did summer go?  Days fully filled  and barely a day to stay home in pajamas doing nothing (sigh) it was an action packed fun filled summer.  Memories were made, lots of traveling, a seems to be very grown up almost 7 year old (as of tomorrow) and a very independent 4 year old.  A mad rush of school prep and final summer project completion checks are upon us.  Joe and I will now have a second grader, and a preschooler (yes finally, Hadley enters her last year of pre-k).  I have decided to add a little more to my plate and began teaching riding again a few times a week (yes there was a little more time in my day)  I am super excited to help teach a great group of IEA kids at Strides Riding Academy. On top of more work we did have a chance to get away with a little family wedding celebration in Denver, and the girls had a grandparent filled trip to Idaho. Joe well part of the farmlife got to stay home all summer working away in his hairnet along with many many farm projects.
On the farm front, we are so excited that things are going great.  Our daily projects still continue around the farm, new plants and paint still plentiful.  Our sheep milk, well Joe and I completed our first demo (yup farmers in the store)  pretty fun to get the reaction of the public!  Have to say I am pretty impressed with responses, it makes what we do SO worth it.  We have added new retail locations you can check out where we are currently stocked here.  You can also check out our press articles here if you have not seen them. and
So the work continues even harder than we new we could.  New products in the wing we are super excited about.  Lots of projects, work, paint and milk to come!  Stay Tuned.

Hairnets, stores and a whole lot more!

So yes July is here, and already almost over!  Busy...yes we are to a whole new level!  I have to say we have learned to enjoy each moment and cherish it, as it soon goes away!  That being said...around the house, the girls are growing faster than we are ready for.  Avery had a chance to take a daddy daughter road trip last month to pick up our new sheep dogs!  I know, how many dogs do we have?  Long story short we now just have our pet dog Ellie and a little herd of border collies.   So a very excited little girl hopped in the truck all ready for her daddy daughter road trip to Oregon.  An eager mommy waved them on out the driveway (yes...summer time I was very eager to only have Hadley for a few days....mommy break) little did Avery know her road trip was fast and long.  19 hours of driving and according to Joe non stop talking.  They made it back safe with a few new additions.   The girls were also flower girls in my friends wedding this past weekend.  Oh to be a little girl...I think it was almost as good as seeing a disney princess!  A great family night out.   I have seemed to realize that organization is key to each day.  I also celebrated a birthday this past week and now seem to need a cup of coffee before my feet hit the floor to start my day!  A cup of coffee with a splash of sheep milk of course (shameless plug)  Figuring it is pretty much downhill from here..... how 32 arrived so fast  I have no idea.  Yikes let's move on!  
On the farm, well we are officially on store shelves!  YES....we are so so excited.  I don't think it hit Joe and I until we entered a store and saw our milk on the shelves.  It was for sure a surreal moment.  I also think we hit as many stores in our area just to sneak a peek where we were placed on the shelves how many bottles were left and let's be honest just to stare at our milk on the shelves!  Yup that was us, the crazy little farmers standing in the milk isle just staring! 
You can now find us on the shelves at Whole Foods Market northern California.  New retail stores are added are updated on our website.
So again huge thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, bought our milk, and sent their kind words our way.  Each like on facebook, each email, and each purchase we are more than grateful for! Around the farm we are still lambing, still calving, and added a few new great pyrenees puppies.  So we again are in full on baby mode with a whole lot of cuteness around the farm!  So our life is now filled with hairnets, stores and a whole lot more.  Stay Tuned!

Short and Sweet

Well June is here and our summer has officially started.  Avery has officially graduated first grade and also graduated from daisy scouts.  Hard to believe our little girl is going to be turning 7, heading into second grade and will now be a brownie!  Hadley has also completed another year of preschool and has one more to go.  Yes it feels like we have been in preschool forever.  That is what you get when you have a baby out of season (you know a December baby missing the school cut offs)!  Summer schedules have started and I have to admit it's quite nice to have a little personal schedule break.  Avery started back on the swim team for the summer and is super excited to be attending a golf and tennis camp out in Bodega.  Hadley is continuing her preschool summer camp, and of course has every day filled with horses and ponies.  On the home front, I decided to get my own farm horse this week.  Yes far cry from a fancy show horse with a manicured mane.  Figured a little quarter horse with an ombre mane would do.  Oh, and she is great.  Safe, fun and perfect mom therapy for the farm! So a little adjustment getting used to a bit more country of a horse but so worth it. Just feeling like there has to be a monogrammed western pad that someone sells right? 
On the farm we are down to the wire.  The creamery is complete and we did a test run a few weeks ago getting ready to hit store shelves in less than a few weeks. EEK!!! pretty darn exciting. Who ever thought that this little dream we had a year ago would actually be happening.  Reality is definitely starting to set in for both of us, well worth the hard work.  The creamery details are now almost complete.   Farm projects continue with a new shear barn renovation, new feed bays and lamb pens complete.  The farm is now in clean up mode seeing that construction is complete (yes a favorite part of mine) Lambs are still arriving.  Did I mention how cute they are?  So down to the wire, lots of work ahead and lots more to come!  Stay tuned.

It's Official

So a lot has been learned this month.  Starting with just when you think you are working have to work harder.  People ask how do we do everything?   Well we work, harder than we ever knew we could. Run partially on adrenaline. Work very long days filled with paint in our hair, lots of laughs, some tears (you know those just crying because we are overtired tears) Our family and friends (great ones) chip in when needed watching kids, helping us with construction, cleaning, digging trenches, drawing our creamery plans and a whole lot more. We are truly lucky to have some pretty amazing people in our lives and such support throughout this whole process. We learned that just when you think you are all ready and done, there is a whole new list waiting in the wings to be completed.  Google (yes Google) has become one of our new favorites...along with our to do lists from last month.  It's amazing if you don't know how to do something Google seems to have a solution, and YES Google has also solved some of our marital spats along the way. Oh did I mention Joe and I now work together so there are a few more of those!   So that being said our little farmstead creamery cottages are NOW OFFICIAL!  What does that mean for all our non farm friends? We are now a licensed creamery with the state of California and are now able to produce our products on the farm!!  The creamery is now complete along with our walk in refrigerator and our dry goods cottage. (now all the finishing details to follow)  So a HUGE milestone achieved today and we are pretty darn excited and can't wait to get processing!  Lots more to come....Stay Tuned
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Must Be May

Hello May.  I know these blogs are about our crazy life, but it seems life has gotten a bit crazier.   Girls are loving their new school and in full swing with new friends...meaning lots more activities.  That being said I live in my car.   Yes I remember my mom always just driving us around {mom taxi}  well I am in that phase now.  Joe and I had a chance to visit Averys new school for her first grade open house.  So neat to see how much she is doing and how darn fun first grade is!!  Contraction surgery, reading detectives and a few fun field trips each month including Bodega Marine lab, getting to meet a real life childrens author.  Ok I admit it as parents I think we both want to be first graders again.  Hadley is still in pony mode!  She rides her pony daily and we can't possibly fit anymore real or play ponies around here!  Full pony capacity at the farm. She also has met lots of new little friends and truly adjusting to all the change we have had in the past few months.  I am just trying to keep a float with a new full list each day.  Joe, BUSY he is working his butt off now with major deadlines around the farm.  To do lists and schedules are our new favorite! We are still making daily trips to home improvement stores, we still have marital design disagreements in the aisles.  I have to admit, the more and more we do together the more we are agreeing.  {who knew}  
On the farm. {deep breath}  not even sure where to start. We are still in full construction mode working endless hours trying to meet our creamery completion deadline.  We again are so lucky we have such support and help, we couldn't do it without everyone.  The creamery is almost complete.  We now have plumbing, electricity, tile, a walk in refrigerator and much more.  Learning things take longer than expected and my "can't you just do that real quick"  is never really the case.  All of our creamery cottages are in place and primed. Now the fancy part {asphalt} yes pretty exciting stuff! with an added bonus for a bike pad for the girls. Each day is a challenge and hard work but now that everything is coming together we are pretty darn excited. We now have official CDFA approved bottle labels!  Thank goodness for awesome designers for making our vision a reality!  Oh sheep, lots of them too.  We are still lambing, still milking.  This all wouldn't be possibly without our ladies!!  Our milk ladies that is.  So lots of photos and lots more to come!!

Spring Smiles on a Sunday!

Simple Spring Smiles!  Some moments just take your breath away, you realize it's the little things that fill your heart! We are so lucky to live in such an amazing place with two happy healthy little girls. Sometimes a fun game of hide and seek in our planted fields is just a little reminder of that! Happy Sunday!

Exciting Things!

So confession...I am an official blogger slacker!  Time these days seems slim to none, and to be honest bedtime has been earlier than normal!  So to catch everyone up!  Lots of change has happened with not only our family but business.  Starting with the girls both changing schools (yes mid year)  Joe and I officially decided to move schools which are now a bit closer to our house and both a better fit for both girls.  I have to admit I had major MOM GUILT...making this decision. Now after making that choice I have no idea why!  It is one of those parenting moments that lets you know you are on track when your kids just seem to adjust and move on with only a smile on their face and sheer excitement!  So happy little girls are now fully adjusted, there is no more mom guilt an one exciting change complete! Joe is still managing Swallow Valley Farm, and they are now up and milking their sheep. He is also in full honey do construction mode around the farm, trying to meet deadlines.  I am busier than ever trying to adjust to new kid schedules, homework, full on business mode and all other things that come along with mom, wife and starting a business!  SO yes my house is a bit of a mess and my yard also not due to non mowing...but we had 900 sheep sheared in my backyard!  (martial spat included, and yes I am still picking up chunks of wool, and no it is not normal to have sheep sheared in your yard) All part of the farm life!
On the farm many of you already know, but for those that don't we are starting a creamery! YES....we take on a lot, and YES it is a TON of work.  WE are full on construction mode renovating our { farmstead cottage creamery buildings}, which included 3500 subway tiles, concrete, lots of stainless.  Needless to say Joe and I have practically lived at Lowes and our back to our aisle arguments. We are SO lucky to have great friends and family helping every chance they get {thanks Matt...who has been a huge help} So our little idea has gotten bigger than we thought, and we are super excited and embracing another change! Our days have been filled with packaging design {Third Bay Letterpress} and Branding {Brandmint}who have gone above and beyond to make everything perfect!
So in a few months our first product will be available in stores. Huge Thank You to Mike Keefer.   So...that being said you will now be able to purchase our first product Bottled Sheep Milk.   So exciting things on the farm, lots of work ahead and lots more to come!

Change and Transitions

Absent blogger confession.  We now have another crazy hectic month under our belt...both personal and with business.  I had a chance to take a family vacation minus Joe with the girls and my family to Hawaii this past month.   Great trip lots of laughs and close to a full week of relaxation.  All the while Joe.....worked for us to vacation!  He is pretty great like that! The girls have been great. Busy growing up too fast in my opinion.  Avery started back on the swim team and now on the official junior swim team.  So now this poolside three days a week.  Pretty great to see her really take to swim and love every practice!  Hadley still busy with ponies.  Seriously a bit on the obsessed side.  We have some very sparkly ponies around the farm even during mud season due to perfectionist grooming skills.  She also learned to ride a bike without training wheels. right seeing that Avery just learned a few months ago.  Lets just say second child syndrome.  They move along quite fast!! I joke with Joe if we had a third they would be potty trained at 12 months!  I have been busy trying to ride in between rainy days and super occupied with the farm.  Joe is now officially working on the farm full time.  YAY!! It is so great to have him around (so far anyway)  I am sure this will bring some new found marital issues.  He seems so happy and now able to get our farm running efficiently.  He is also still managing the sheep dairy at Swallow Valley Farm around the corner. They will now be milking sheep in another week.  Pretty neat to see him build another sheep dairy from the ground up.  We are pretty proud of him. This month for us has brought lots of change.  Good change, and much needed change (more on that later).  Joe and I have learned this month that time is so precious, animals are so precious. We are so so lucky to have such a great team, friends and two amazing little girls.  Sometimes things happen (even when you think it will never happen to you) we have learned to grow and cherish every little second and appreciate everything we have!
On the farm we are in full swing.  Busy days full of non stop mud around the farm.  One of the bonuses of living on a run down ranch at the bottom of beautiful hills.  We seem seem to have caught all the rain water off those hills.  So a major cleanup and more renovations are underway!   Lambs are still arriving which means the lamb barn is still full.  The grass is now green, so the ewes are finally able to graze the grass again.  It was a rough couple of months with our not so beautiful dirt pastures.  So another crazy month lots of changes and transition and LOTS of news to come!! 

                                            (a little hawaii fun )