Is our sheep milk raw or pasteurized?

Our milk is gently vat pasteurized at 150 degrees. Allowing us to keep our milk safe and keep the milk as close to its natural state as we can being free of bacteria or other harmful organisms.

Is our farm organic?

No we are not a certified organic farm.  We are a grass based farm and our sheep graze our organic pastures year round.  Additionally we supplement with feed during our summer months when nutrition in the grass is low.

I am lactose intolerant, can I drink sheep milk?

The majority of lactose intolerant people can consume sheep milk.  The milk is naturally homogenized with smaller fat globules, making it easier to digest that other milks.  Many people who have intolerances or sensitivities to cow's or goat's milk find that they can consume sheep's milk successfully because sheep milk contains higher levels of medium short chain fatty acids (MCT), which aid in the absorption of lactose.  MCT can also help limit cholesterol deposits.

What type of sheep do we have?

Our flock is East Friesian and Lacaune sheep along with a small percentage of Dorset in our flock. They are known for their superior milking ability.  We currently have a flock of 900 dairy sheep.

Is sheep milk homogenized?

Sheep milk is naturally homogenized due to the smaller fat globules contained in Sheep Milk, as compared to cow milk.  Sheep milk being “naturally homogenized” also making it easier to digest. Sheep milk will naturally separate over time but you will have a lot less separation (cream on top) as to compared to cow milk. Give our milk a gentle shake before drinking will make for a perfect smooth glass of milk.

Is sheep milk an A2 milk?

Yes.  Sheep milk is naturally contains the A2 beta casein.

What is the shelf life of our milk?

Our sheep milk is bottled on our farm.  Our milk has a 15 day shelf life ensuring that our milk is as fresh as it was produced on day one.  Every bottle of our milk has a date stamp to ensure our milk stays as fresh as possible.

Do we use antibiotics?

We do NOT use antibiotics in our milk string. We test each batch of milk before it is bottled to ensure it as fresh as pure as it should be.

Our Pricing?

The price of our milk reflects our milk yield.  Our ewes only produce half of what a goat produces and even less that what a cow produces per day.  We have the same nutritional intake and produce less milk.  Sheep only produce a small amount per day.  What they do produce is high quality and rare at retail level.

Sheep Butter?

Our sweet creamy sheep butter is made in small batches, starting with the freshest cream from our own sheep.  Our butter is naturally cultured and slowly churned, then lightly sprinkled with crunchy sea salt throughout each batch. Our butter has an 85% butterfat. Simple and traditional making it the perfect addition to your table.  

*due to our butter being a fresh uncultured butter we recommend you keep our butter refrigerated*